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    Dose-Response Meta-Analysis

    How to combine available evidence on quantitative exposures

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    Percentile analysis

    How to quantify time by which a certain risk is achieved

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    Interrupted time-series analysis

    How to assess the impact of interventions, policies, or real-world events

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    Interactive Web Applications

    How to visualize and analyze data interactively over the web

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Listen, write, code, and share


We care about statistics that can improve the understanding of human health. We get our inspiration by interacting every day with researchers, clinicians, epidemiologists, and public health professionals. Taking care of the challenges is the chance we have to move forward.



We are team of scientists that aims to gather statistical and methodological expertise across the Department of Public Health Sciences (Karolinska Institutet) and Centre for Epidemiology and Community Medicine.


Our goal is strengthening the research capacity in epidemiology and public health and exploiting the richness and interdisciplinary work carried out within the Department. We have passion for statistics applied to life sciences. We like to learn and think with data. We like to share what we know and possibly solve problems.

The Strategic Research Area in Epidemiology (SFO-Epi).

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

We make it together


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Nicola Orsini

Associate Professor

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Xing-Wu Zhou


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Alessio Crippa

Doctoral student

Sharing our knowledge and experience


We are involved in education of medical statistics within Karolinska Institutet. We organize workshops, seminars, and short courses on statistical methods. Given the important role of statistical software in medical research, we often teach both basic and advanced courses on statistical softwares (Stata, R).

PhD Epi

  • Biostatistics II: Introduction to logistic regression for epidemiologists
  • Introduction to Stata for epidemiologists

Master Public Health

  • Biostatistics I (5-weeks)
  • Biostatistics II (6-weeks)


Are you interested?


Just write an email to Nicola Orsini